Vinyl Trim, Trim Wrap & Soffits


If you are looking for a way to uniquely protect and accent your home, consider the many styles, colors and options available in trim, wrap and soffits. S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows carries trim and soffit from CertainTeed, one of the largest manufacturers of siding trim and soffits in the nation.

Maintenance-Free Vinyl Trim

Today’s trim is made with high-grade vinyl coatings as well as composite materials, providing you with a maintenance-free vinyl finish that lasts without chipping or fading. Easily cleaned with soap and water via a powerwasher, vinyl trim will stay looking nice no matter how harsh the weather.

Vinyl Trim Wrap

If your home has wood trim, in addition to replacing it with maintenance-free trim, you can also have S&K wrap your trim with vinyl. Vinyl trim wrap is placed over your existing wood trim, so you need to be sure that the wood beneath is not rotten. For trim that has rotted, it is best to replace it with maintenance-free trim.


Soffits provide protection for the underside of roof overhangs. Slotted so that the material underneath can properly drain and breathe, soffits keep your home looking and performing its best. Soffit is also used as outdoor porch ceilings and under decks to provide an attractive covered porch or patio area ceiling.

To see color options for trim, wrap and soffits, visit our showroom.


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