Parts of a Window

parts-of-a-windowWhen getting a replacement windows estimate, it’s a good idea to know the terminology that your home improvement professional may use to describe the recommended replacement windows. Here are the parts of a window that you should know. You can also learn more about replacement windows in our Window Buyers Guide.

1. Head

The main horizontal member forming the top of the window or door frame.

2. Jamb

The main vertical members forming the sides of a window or door frame.

3. Frame

The combination of head, jambs and sill to form a precise opening in which a window sash or door panel fits.

4. Glazing

The process of applying or installing glass into a window sash or door panel. Also refers to the type of glass used in the process.

5. Pane

A framed sheet of glass within a window or door frame.

6. Sash

A single assembly of stiles and rails made into a frame for holding glass.

7. Sill

The main horizontal member forming the bottom of the frame of a window or door.

8. Muntin Bar

Any small bar that divides window or door glass. Also called a grille or windowpane divider.

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